Me   Pat Cooper Gianni Russo

          Charity Fundraiser

My interview with Professor Irwin Corey The worlds Foremost Authority reading our book A Smile A Grin a laugh That's Life. Professor Corey says a Great Book.

    John Pizzi performing at the Borgata

            Good Times Jimmy walker

         Me Bernie Williams and Pat At The

  Make a Wish Come True Gala a Great Event

  Some Random Pictures from some Special Events

  The Amazing Kreskin

     Me  and Larry Storch

    CPL Randoloph Agarn

                F troop

     Uncle Floyd Performing at my Show

The amazing Kreskin says he's getting some

                       Strong Vibrations 

  Richie Minervini, Donald Trump, And

    John Pizzi all with there favorite book.

 Pat, Tony Lo Bianco and Me

                   Charity fundraiser

   John Pizzi and Jeff Pirrami   

    Performing at the Borgata